We are a group of people who are involved in led industry since 2003.

LEDit is one of the pioneer companies that has installed led perimeter systems for sports applications.

Most of the led perimeter systems which are used in Greece have been consulted,suggested or sold by us.

Since we have organized more than 4,500 events in the past we have the experience and the ability of identifying  the exact demands and scopes of our clients through customized combined proposals.

This valuable knowledge make us to innovate in design and production. Our main goal as a unit is to evolve our services based to our three values:


 We are studying every project carefully considering of the exact needs of our customers, we propose them the right solution in cost, quality

and much more we even take in mind logistics and future costs of usage of their systems.

 In other words we are not a seller way of thinking but a partner way of thinking with our clients and of course 24 hours after sales support is our strong asset.

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